Mailbag: Read wisely on climate change

Mailbag: Read wisely on climate change


I agree with Jay Burreson (Mailbag, Feb. 11) when he urges people to read and educate themselves about climate change. But as a scientist who has been doing original research on climate science for more than 20 years, I would differ with him in the recommended reading.

Rather than recommending cherry-picked misinformation from political pundits without physical science expertise (Moran and Lomborg are economists) who promote deregulation and free-market ideology, I’d suggest reading what physical climate scientists have to say.

The science as summarized by the National Academy of Sciences and the American Geophysical Union is clear. Humans' burning of fossil fuels causes warming, melting of glaciers and ice sheets, rising sea levels, more droughts and wildfires, demise of corals, ocean acidification and many other impacts.

You’ll find trustworthy information in my open textbook, including links to the NAS and AGU statements.

Andreas Schmittner



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