Gun ownership assumes a great responsibility, yet where is the accountability? How can gun owners be held accountable so that domestic terrorist attacks such as we have endured recently may be minimized and eventually stopped altogether?

The Second Amendment specifies; “A well regulated Militia….” As it now stands, there is essentially no regulation since the Heller decision. It is time for gun owners to realize, “…being necessary to the security of a free State…” that they are part of the Militia and so must become well regulated, that is accountable.

As such I offer several starting points. Of course we need background checks, closing the gun show and personal transfer loopholes and getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Well regulated should also include the following: an annual presentation of arms at the local armory (said armories should supply safe and secure weapon storage for those who prefer the greatest safety); ammunition accountability (when, where, at what, and what was hit, for each round on a monthly basis); registration fees to fund said armories, shooters' insurance to cover all terrorist tragedies, eliminate open carry and greatly restrict concealed carry permits; retiring the guns of those who have passed on, and of course severe fines and jail time for violators, to name just a few ideas.

All of these suggestions should reduce and eliminate gun violence in the future once they are implemented. Do the right things to end this scourge now, please, fellow Americans.

Will Bradley

Albany (Aug. 6)

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