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Mailbag: Stunned by firing of superintendent

Mailbag: Stunned by firing of superintendent

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Well, I'm stunned! Stunned by the speed with which the new Albany School Board fired their Superintendent! They didn't even TRY to work with her.

They must have considered their election a referendum on Goff's job performance. Surely they aren't just getting revenge for her asking the police to stop greeting students, in order to alleviate the terror of certain children on seeing uniforms? Needing revenge for that would be so vindictive and petty.

You know, when most of us see those flashing police lights in our rear-view mirror, we think, "Oh, boy, this is gonna cost me big bucks!" We never think, "Oh, boy, this is gonna cost me my life."

But that is Black people's daily reality. Some are so terrified that they take flight, which almost always assures a fatal outcome.

Please, everyone, let's try to understand the life experiences of others. Don't assume the worst of other people; don't credit the opposition with thoughts and motives they don't actually have. And don't overstate your case for any cause. Lower the temperature; reduce the hyperbole; cool the rhetoric.

Let's really be the UNITED States of America.

Most importantly, let’s be a good example of tolerance and fair-mindedness for our children.

June Forsyth Kenagy




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