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Mailbag: Sure glad to live on the Left Coast

Mailbag: Sure glad to live on the Left Coast


“Never before has a president of these United States had to endure a steady barrage of negative actions and comments about the work he has done.” — Diane Bach, Mailbag, Nov. 13

Uh … Barack Obama.

“Remember this is what you did to us for four years, so I believe we should be able to do it to you.” — Roger Shaputis, Mailbag, Nov. 13

Uh … Barack Obama … again. 

“After four years of the press and your Democratic Party supporters constantly creating chaos and spewing hate, false accusations and total disrespect to President Trump and his supporters, we are now supposed to unify behind you and walk in lockstep to your ‘unify’ mantra?” — Judy Steel, Mailbag, Nov. 13

Uh … Barack Obama … This is just too easy. “False accusations and total disrespect?” It’s fairly well accepted that Obama was born in Hawaii.

I still keep a picture of that old poster of Obama decked out in African tribal garb complete with a bone in his nose and a spear, just to remind me of which political party it was that took American politics to the gutter (Nixon), then the sewer (Dubya, Cheney — especially Cheney!), finally (with Trump) into the cesspool.

Sure glad I live on the Left Coast!

Bill Halsey



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