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Mailbag: Teach police not to overreact

Mailbag: Teach police not to overreact

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Beginning in about 2000, police started teaching officers to shoot to kill, not shooting in a more humane way.

Try Googling “Why shooting to wound doesn’t make sense.” Articles state how few seconds it takes for things to happen to police.

But they do not take into consideration how police are trained to react quickly with deadly force and automatic weapons in cases where a person is acting crazy, waving a knife and yelling, and charging them. One shot in the leg was what used to be done, and it would work again if we trained police that way.

A man with a knife was killed by five bullets on April 3, charging police in Corvallis. The body cam of the police gave a good story of how fast five shots were fired, maybe two seconds. There were three policeman present, three cars and lots of automatic weapons; I am sure they did not have to kill him.

I do not want to disarm the police, just teach them how to shoot, and how important it is to save a life by not overreacting. My dad gave me one bullet when I was 9 and said, “If you bring home a rabbit for breakfast, you will get a candy bar;” it worked. When I was a drill sergeant in the Army, we also gave the 18-year-old trainees one bullet for the M14.

If police were taught to shoot one bullet at a time, rather than five …

George Shaw




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