For anyone who has been paying attention, the outcome of the Trump impeachment and trial is easy to predict.

The House will impeach him on several articles along strict party lines. A handful of Democrats in swing districts will vote with the Republican minority. It will then move to the Senate for a show trial, and the verdict will be acquittal along strictly party lines.

So, why all the fuss and effort? The answer is that regardless of the outcome, the Constitution demands the process be fulfilled.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. It was a profound experience that drove home to me the importance of the Constitution and the lengths to which its defenders were willing to go to preserve the ideals it contains and the Union it represents.

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Regardless of the outcome of the current political unrest, the Constitution will live on. Its embodiment of the ideals of this republic will endure despite the heedless ignorance and criminality of the current president and his cohorts.  The document will stand the test of history as the beacon of justice and the rule of law. Some who swore an oath to its protection and defense will not fare as well.

Kenneth R. England


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