First, as expressed by Graham Kislingbury this morning, another quality editor has been released into the cold. Mike, your voice will be greatly missed, on a daily basis. It was very nice to hear from Graham in print again this morning, albeit at no cost to Lee Enterprises.

The difficulty that all business owners and managers face every day will never cease. Some suffer more than others and some suffer longer and some may suffer needlessly.

Sometimes the business model that has been chosen can be the root cause of the suffering. At some points consolidation upon consolidation can be beneficial and, at other times, just a larger unworkable burden. Is it possible that the number of folks at the pay window of Lee Enterprises in Iowa is longer than their combined and combined businesses can support? The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

It will be interesting to see how the newspaper experiment in Salt Lake City turns out, as well as the business model of the East Oregonian that purchased the Bend Bulletin. Two completely different business models. Possibly a "not-for-profit" or "nonprofit" model could work locally.

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Honest journalism will always be with us. It will be much harder to find it locally if local community-based newspapers vanish into the Facebook world of amateurism.

Pat Eastman


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