OK, here we go again.

The counties won a $1.1 billion lawsuit for the so-called misuse of our forest lands. Regardless of how each view this case, the state of Oregon is going to have to pay for all this in the future.

So here is my question: Where is all this money going to come from? It's state money that will have to be used, and oh, my, where does the state get all its money?

I don't think the Forestry Department has $1.1 billion stuffed in a tree stump out in the woods to cover this. Maybe they can start a GoFundMe page.

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The bottom line is this: The money used to pay this suit is going to come from you and me in another state tax of some sort. They in Salem will try to convince you and me that it's not really a tax, but still take more of your money.

I'll be waiting to hear more about this. So in the meantime, I'm going down to the Legion for another beer!

Dave Roe


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