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Mailbag: Why are we still backing the blue?

Mailbag: Why are we still backing the blue?

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I am writing in regards to the freedom rally that took place in Salem on March 28.

Once again the thugs of antifa showed up with their shields, weapons and pepper spray. They proceeded to assault citizens who were peacefully exercising their right to free speech by driving on a public road and displaying flags. They caused thousands of dollars in damage to private vehicles by throwing paint and eggs, and breaking vehicle windows, which included throwing a tree limb through a front windshield.

Once again the police mostly stood by, allowing this mayhem to continue, until they declared it an unlawful assembly. In the end, I believe, four were arrested out of the entire amount of antifa thugs who were there, which was estimated to be between 150 and 200. One individual was taken into custody for pulling a firearm and telling the assailants to stay back, after being pepper-sprayed by an antifa thug.

Sorry to say, but it is getting harder and harder to back the blue while time after time they stand by as citizens are assaulted and property is destroyed. They are currently not supported by the left, who want to abolish or de-fund them, and eventually they will find themselves on an island where they will no longer be supported by those on the right.

Why are we paying taxes for them to stand by and watch these laws be broken and our property destroyed?

Dick Creaser




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