Regarding anti-firearm letters again from Robert B. Harris and Bob Wynhausen (Democrat-Herald, Aug. 8):

The horror of these past shootings is indeed sickening; to think a person can have hateful or sick thoughts to hurt innocent people.

(Also in California, four murdered and two hurt in a two-hour-long knife attack by another sicko. But it did not fit the anti-gun agenda ... so, very minimal coverage. )

Mr. Harris, how would outlawing semiautomatic firearms from law-abiding citizens stop criminal gun acts?

If honest people were not allowed any modern defense, it would be open season!

Drug cartels would happily provide guns! More profit for criminal purposes in their black market.

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You can't uninvent a common design like a gun; the constructions are simple.

Remember the simple-minded helpless Eloi in the H.G. Wells novel, "The Time Machine?" Is that what liberals want?

Who in their right mind wants to be helpless? Do you think being helpless provides freedom?

And as for Mr. Wynhausen, you need to research the historical background of the Second Amendment way more closely. And think of it as a freedom to use wisely.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (Aug. 8)

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