Mailbag: Writer's defense of Trump rings hollow

Mailbag: Writer's defense of Trump rings hollow


As one of The Washington Post’s many conservative columnists, Marc Thiessen has chosen to be an apologist for President Trump, a difficult task eschewed by most of his colleagues.

In a recent defense of the president, Thiessen suggested Trump was doing good work, but that work was being overshadowed by the persistent noise created by Trump’s inane tweets and disturbing behavior.

In defending Trump’s record he pointed to successes in immigration, China trade and support of Israel. I’m not sure what Thiessen is looking at, but, first, there has been little legislative action in any of these areas and even less success. The major immigration work is to spend unappropriated taxpayer money on “The Wall” and more detention centers to hold families with children.

On the China front he’s started a trade war (short and easy to win, according to Trump) that is costing American consumers and farmers billions. As for Israel, it appears that Trump has stirred up more dissent within the American Jewish community than support, effectively calling the 75% of American Jews who vote Democratic anathema to Israel.

On the bright side, polling is showing a steady decline in Trump’s political support and he continues to do his best to alienate all but his most rabid followers. He might even get to Mr. Thiessen soon.

Bob Wynhausen

Lebanon (Aug. 29)


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