From the Past: Ten Years Ago

TEN YEARS AGO: Seven-year-old Aubrey Blunck of Corvallis had her hat autographed by Alyssa Miller Sunday afternoon shortly after she was crowned Miss Philomath Frolic & Rodeo 2008.

100 Years Ago


WEDDING: Miss Ella Fink, deputy county school superintendent of Benton County, will be married Sunday to John Alden. Both reside in Philomath. The ceremony will be performed at the home of the bride. (Published July 22, 1917, in the Oregon Daily Journal, Portland).

75 Years Ago


COUNCIL: At the meeting of the city council last Monday night. H.C. Gardner was elected to fill the unexpired term of Hubert Hathaway, who resigned to join the firefighting forces in the Army. Mr. Gardner has served on the council before and is well acquainted with the work. (Published July 18, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

BUSINESS: Miss Margaret Davis has sold her beauty shop to Miss Billie Vosberg and has gone to her home in Marshfield for a much-needed rest. Miss Vosberg is a Philomath girl and has just completed a beauty course and state examination. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Greer Vosberg. (Published July 20, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

OFFICERS: New officers of the Odd Fellows Lodge, installed for the present term are Lee Hodges, noble grand; Melvin Ayers, vice grand; Harry Arbuckle, recording secretary; Clarence Gibbs, financial secretary; Jesse Stevens, treasurer; Gus Larsen, RSNG; Calvin Tatum, RSVG; H.C. Tatum, LSVG; H.C. Lutz, warden; Ed Strouts, chaplain; Bert Newhouse, inside guardian; Guy Bagled, outside guardian. Other officers will be installed later. (Published July 20, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

60 Years Ago


WATER: Corvallis and Philomath are closer to a meeting of the minds on the sale of the Corvallis water system in Philomath to that city, John Porter, Corvallis city manager, said today. Corvallis has previously agreed to sell the system to Philomath for $1. The point of difference has been over the charge for water and the amount of water to be provided to Philomath. Corvallis has asked for a rate of about 10 cents per 100 cubic feet of water, and Philomath offered to pay three and three-quarters cents. Corvallis also seeks to put a limit on the amount of water that would be sold to Philomath on the grounds that the Rock Creek source is limited and ultimately could be consumed entirely by Philomath, leaving only the Willamette River source to Corvallis. (Published July 17, 1957, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

POOL: A public meeting to discuss the possibilities of raising funds for a swimming pool at the Philomath High School has been called for 8 p.m. Monday. Mrs. Robert Muir said a group of mothers at Philomath had instigated the meeting to determine what support a swimming pool would have and to discuss means of raising money for the proposed project. (Published July 20, 1957, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

10 Years Ago


ILOX: The Philomath School District has invited Ilox, Philomath Police Department's drug-sniffing dog, to do searches at its facilities. Chief Ken Elwer said he doesn't want to boost stats, and instead will leave discretion to the district on how to handle problems, such as drugs found within a locker. The school district has had a policy regarding dog searches for several years, said Superintendent Pete Tuana.

Ilox (pronounced e-locks), joined the department in 2006. The German shepherd and handler Officer Dave Gurski met with the Philomath School Board in May, and the board reaffirmed the idea of having the dog walk through the halls with that mighty nose. Residents raised $54,000 to purchase him and a specially outfitted vehicle. (Published July 19, 2007, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).



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