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100 Years Ago


LUMBER MILLS: There is great activity among the lumber and milling companies of the Philomath locality. The Marys River Logging Co., is doing construction work preparatory to a heavy summer run. The company expects to begin logging about May 15 and when running full time will employ between 75 and 100 men. The Benton County Lumber Co., with a crew in the woods, will start its mill and planer June 1 and expects to have a steady summer run. (Published May 11, 1917, in the Oregon Daily Journal, Portland).

JUDGE’S DECISION: Word was received yesterday by Professor L.L. Epley, president of Philomath College, that Judge Skipworth had handed down his decision in the matter of suit contesting title to the McClain property, quieting the title and establishing right in fee simple to the college.

In the year 1910, Samuel McClain, a settler of the early 1850s and an old friend of Philomath College, died, leaving no heirs. At various times, Mr. McClain had been a liberal subscriber to the needs of the college. In 1889, in 1900 and again in 1907, he deeded various tracts of land to the college and during the last years of his life, the managers of the college provided him a good home, comforts and care.

After the death of Mr. McClain, title to these properties and suit instituted to set aside the deeds. These suits were in the courts for nearly seven years or until Judge Skipworth’s recent decision ended the suit in favor of the college. The value of the land at the present time is about $15,000. (Published May 12, 1917, in the Oregon Daily Journal, Portland).

75 Years Ago


NEWS ITEMS: Work of the sugar rationing is being conducted at the West school with the teachers, assisted by local people in charge. Over 200 registered the first day. … Both first-aid classes will meet at city hall next Monday night and practice on splints and transportation. … One hundred and eighty-one men between the ages of 45 and 65 registered here last week on the last draft. One young man, age 19 years, came and asked to be registered. (Published May 7, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

MUSIC FESTIVAL: The music festival and eighth-grade graduation exercise for the Philomath and all adjoining rural districts, will be held at the high school gym Thursday evening on May 14. The two events are combined to conserve on tires and gas. Mrs. Charline Edwards and Miss Beth Bowerman are local chairmen for the music festival. (Published May 11, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

DIES IN AUTO: John W. Farmer, 55, Philomath, suffered a fatal illness while on his way from his home to Albany Monday to procure some furniture he had purchased here Saturday, it was reported to Deputy Coroner Walter Kropp. The deputy coroner learned that Betty Berhardt, Philomath, who was accompanying Farmer to Albany, had summoned Mike and Harold Coon, Shedd, who chanced to be passing the point where Farmer had stopped his car five miles from Albany on the east side of the Albany-Corvallis highway, and they drove the car to the Albany General Hospital. Farmer, who had meanwhile climbed into the rear seat, died on the way in. He was a secondhand store operator at Philomath. (Published May 12, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

Compiled by Brad Fuqua, Philomath Express



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