Artists and Friends exhibit

Artists featured in the new exhibition include Rip Cronk, Ken Haines, Lee Kitzman, Earl Newman, Bill Siebler and Vince Zettler.

The “Lunch Bunch” will take over the Benton County Museum from Aug. 24 through Sept. 29 with the “Artists and Friends” exhibition.

The group of artist friends gets together every Tuesday at noon and includes Rip Cronk, Ken Haines, Lee Kitzman, Earl Newman, Bill Siebler and Vince Zettler.

A reception will take place from 5-6:30 p.m. Friday in the museum’s Moreland Auditorium.

Cronk’s murals adorn city walls from Honolulu to Switzerland. His diverse studio work includes pencil drawings, watercolors, acrylic and airbrush. Recent public works in the Benton County area include murals at Linn-Benton Community College, Crescent Valley High School and downtown Corvallis.

Haines, owner of the Color Wheel Co., in Philomath, employs a staff of nine to produce several hundred thousand color wheels per year. Color wheels are used by artists, instructors, students, designers, illustrators, painters, landscape architects and home gardeners. The Color Wheel Co.’s products are designed to promote understanding of color theory, color relationships and color mixing.

Kitzman is a master potter with diverse talents creating ceramics. His specialty is Japanese-influenced raku. Kitzman taught art classes, including ceramics, for 23 years at the Children’s Farm Home and later at Corvallis High School. Recently, Kitzman has been working with new glazes and both low fire and high fire techniques on raku plaques and stoneware.

Newman, who lives near Summit, has been a self-employed professional artist and printmaker for nearly 60 years. Through the medium of silk-screen, also known as serigraphy, Newman has produced Monterey Jazz Festival posters every year since 1963. He also designs and prints posters for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Oregon State University Theater and much more.

This year, Newman and Haines used Haines’ Color Wheel to choose paint colors from Miller Paint and Sherwin-Williams. Newman then painted a series of circular paintings, the largest of which will decorate the exterior of the Color Wheel Co.’s building in Philomath.

Siebler adds colorful glass to the exhibition. After he had been a collector of fine contemporary glass art for more than a decade, he was increasingly intrigued about how the artists were able to do what they did and the challenges they faced. Through demonstrations, workshops and working in studios, he learned many techniques and produced marbles, fused work, castings, beads and other objects in glass. The pieces in the exhibition represent those learning experiences. He primarily does flameworking, making marbles and beads.

Zettler is a master weaver, artist, teacher and arts administrator. He has worked as the curator for both Benton County Museum and the Corvallis Arts Center. He is also a retired special educator and autism specialist and is currently working as an employment specialist for those with disabilities. To this exhibition, Zettler will bring diverse fiber art tapestries as well as drawings and collages inspired by the natural world around rural Benton County and the state of Oregon.

The museum is open 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

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