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Performing arts

The story: The Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund, organized under the Philomath Community Foundation, announced in October that it was trying to raise $20,000 in seed money by the end of the year so it can be invested as endowed and annual grant distributions could be dispersed ("Endowment fund tackles performing arts needs," Oct. 25 edition, page A3). An offer was also made by an anonymous donor to match any donations one to one up to $20,000.

The latest: Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund board treasurer Tom Klipfel reported that as of Dec. 26, a $37,745.46 deposit had been made with the Philomath Community Foundation toward its endowment.

The amount includes donations received by the Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund directly and those made to the Philomath Community Foundation on behalf of the fund. In addition, Klipfel said "given how much money was donated, the matching donor contributed the full $20,000."

The Philomath Performing Arts Benefit Fund beats its original $20,000 fundraising goal by $17,745.46.

New apartments

The story: The Philomath Planning Commission approved Mountain West Investment Corp.'s site design and attached conditions last fall for a 258-unit apartment complex proposal ("City advances 258-unit apartment complex," Sept. 6 edition, page A1). Mountain West plans to build The Boulevard Apartments on a 14.82-acre piece of property located on the north side of Highway 20/34. A first phase would feature the construction of 150 apartments with another 108 units through a second phase.

The latest: Mountain West Investment's Richard Berger, project manager, said last week that the proposal continues to move forward.

"We have submitted building plans to the city of Philomath and are waiting for comments and then building permits," Berger said. "We still plan to start construction in the summer."

Nectar Creek

The story: Nectar Creek, a mead producer that relocated from Corvallis to Philomath, was seeing progress on the construction of its 7,500-square-foot building in October. ("Nectar Creek project nears completion," Oct. 11 edition, page A4). The new facility will offer several options that were not available at its Corvallis site, such as food service.

The latest: Nick Lorenz said Thursday that they were hoping to open this week, however, there still was no specific date.

"We're waiting on the installation of a (range) hood," Lorenz said. "But pretty much within a day or two after that happens, we'll be able to do our opening."

Nectar Creek moved its full operation from Corvallis to Philomath the week of Dec. 18.

"Our production's up and running," he said. "We're just kinda working on reorganizing the tap room and in the next couple of weeks, that should be open and running full bore."

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