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on growth issues

Editor’s note: During a February city council meeting and in a March letter to the editor, local resident Marion Dark mentioned a 90-unit apartment complex that was apparently to break ground in May as an example of the potential for growth.

Dear Editor:

The 19th Street May ground-breaking date came from (city manager) Chris Workman. That is where the author got her information. Perhaps it has been delayed or perhaps I was given misinformation.

Just to clarify, the land in question is that part of the big field just east of Alyrica. It is owned by R. Conser & Sons partnered with Diversified Property Management. This information was supplied by Benton County.

They are commercial, residential and multi-unit developers and property managers and they are known in Corvallis for multi-unit and student housing development. I see this as certain potential for growth even if it breaks ground beyond May.

I also want to clarify that the purpose of an external audit is for the auditor to express an opinion on the truth and fairness of financial statements. It does not speak to the management of funds. That is accounting 101.

The statistics that I quoted came from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. As such, I judge the figures to be reliable.

To learn more about city planning consultants and what they do I would recommend a book entitled “Better Not Bigger.” The author, Eben Fodor, is a respected consultant who is based in Eugene. When the time is right, the help of a consultant may be money well spent.

In conversations that I have had with Philomath residents I have never felt that the majority of people are against growth. Rather, they support growth but they want planned growth that follows the annexation ordinances of the city such as 18.135050, the transportation planning rule.

In fact, it was formally proposed to the city council, during a city council meeting, that a citizen advisory group be established — the purpose being to develop a cooperative working relationship via open communication, sharing of objectives and collaborative planning. The city council said no.

Too bad, amazing things can happen when diverse people share visions and work together to bring those visions to fruition. By the way, Corvallis has an active Citizens Advisory Committee.

I do not intend to maintain a back and forth conversation (re: the proposed tax). I have put forth the facts that I have and presented the sources here for the purpose of clarification only.

Marion Dark


Keep Klipfel

on school board

Dear Editor:

I was disappointed by John Williams’ vicious letter attacking Tom Kl ipfel (published April 5 at and in April 12 printed edition). It seems that Williams has a personal vendetta against Tom for reasons he didn’t share, but the letter revealed more about the writer than the subject.

Tom Klipfel is an intelligent, thoughtful, fair-minded, deliberative man. In short, the perfect person to serve on a public board. But what I appreciate most is his generosity. I could give several examples, but I will share the most recent.

On March 18, our Philomath High track and field team was suffering in a torrential downpour at a meet in Estacada. There were no covered stands. We own one pop-up shelter (donated by Tom Klipfel), but our student-athletes were still soaking wet and chilled between events. Tom disappeared and purchased a double propane heater which he rushed back to our team.

The appreciation and relief on the faces of the kids was touching. But Tom just quietly slipped away, not interested in any credit for saving the day.

Anyone who serves, or even runs for a position to serve on a school board, deserves our respect. It is generally a thankless job with a great deal of stress and no pay. The majority of us wouldn’t do it. The fact that Tom Klipfel is willing to run for re-election despite the difficult year in Philomath, speaks volumes for his dedication to our schools.

I plan to vote for Tom, and I hope those who appreciate my 37 years of service to our Philomath student-athletes will join me.

Joe Fulton



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