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Measure 101

My parents divorced when I was about 8 years old. As a newly single mother taking care of three boys in rural Oregon, my mom — and my siblings and I — needed a helping hand. I am grateful every day that Medicaid coverage was available to us so that we could stay healthy and get the care we needed when we weren’t.

As an adult, I have been extremely fortunate to have affordable insurance offered to me by my employers over the years. Many Oregonians have not been so fortunate. They need a hand and now it’s my turn to help. That is why I am urging your “yes” vote on Measure 101 in the upcoming Jan. 23 election.

Measure 101 will provide the funding necessary to keep 350,000 Oregonians — including adults, children, seniors and people with disabilities — on their health insurance. It also will benefit 210,000 more Oregonians who will have access to lower rates because of Measure 101.

Though I write this in my capacity as acting chair of the Benton County Democrats, this is not a partisan issue. This concept was supported in the Legislature by Democrats, Republicans, the AARP, businesses and health advocates.

Due to recent advances, 95 percent of Oregonians — and 100 percent of children — have health insurance. It makes economic sense by keeping health care costs down. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Measure 101 makes all of this possible. Please join me in voting “yes” for Measure 101.

Rick Osborn, acting chair

Benton County Democrats

Vote yes on

Measure 101

Many Oregonians are confused by Ballot Measure 101, regarding health care for Oregonians in poverty. Here’s the background:

The ballot measure, and the advertising about it, are designed to make Oregonians think this will be a new tax, or, at the very least, a cost passed on to consumers. This is not true.

It’s important to know that the money Oregon puts into Medicaid (what we now call the Oregon Health Plan) is matched seven times over by the federal government. So if this ballot measure fails, Oregon loses billions (literally billions) of health care dollars. And thousands of Oregonians will lose care.

Oregon’s contribution to Medicaid dollars is done by assessing a fee on large health care providers, hospitals and others. And 100 percent of them are in favor of this fee, and in favor of ballot measure 101. Why? Because they get seven times that amount of money back, and don’t have to pass on any cost to regular consumers, while providing care to the poorest among us.

So how did this come about? In the last legislative session the house and the senate agreed on an amount of money for the Oregon Health Plan, just as they always do. But then three legislators decided they didn’t want Oregon to provide health care to our poorest citizens. So they created a ballot measure and wrote it as though this is something new we are voting on.

Please vote yes for Measure 101. If it does not pass, many thousands of Oregonians will be without care. They will suffer, and some will die. In addition, thousands of medical related jobs will be lost. A disaster for our state’s economy.

Mark Weiss


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