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Very disappointed

with city’s decision

Dear Editor:

We are very disappointed in our Philomath City Council and other officials. We were shocked that the developers had more compassion and behaved better than city council members!

I really expected the reverse to be true. I thought the city would be more of a voice for residents, but it seemed totally rigged against us because of laws, pressure and corruption? It is the city who actually wanted the developers to convert our lane to a street to be used as an entrance to Miller/Martin’s subdivision development!

Those developers took pity on us that very night, and stopped it, which is excellent on their part! But what about all the residents’ concerns that went unanswered Monday night? Citizen issues were largely ignored by all but one council member, Eric Niemann.

• Several of us raised issues about going from industrial to high-density zoning.

• Many wanted the city to take more time before deciding. Philomath officials neglected their own residents. We were only given two weeks’ notice with Mother’s Day in the middle no less. How is that enough time to fight against this? Where is the time to get a lawyer, talk to neighbors, draw up a petition and get it signed, get an assessor to determine our losses?

• Notification to all residents living on 15th was not given and people at the meeting wanted them to be notified.

• Residents and others wanted a chemical analysis done on the contaminants that are rumored to have been dumped when it was a mill, like batteries, a fork-lift that heavily leaked oil, etc. One guy said that a chemical study was done and wanted the city to tell us what was in it; he asked the mayor then and there, but the mayor didn’t tell us. I can’t believe that was left unsaid!

This residential subdivision was pushed through even though there are some very real concerns about health and safety of the people living there. Wow.

I was taught that our government was supposed to be by and for the people. So, why are our council members and other city staff acting like they are our bosses? I will only vote for one of them in the future. Only one city council member had any integrity and voted for the residents!

The city only sees its own monetary gains, not whether or not its citizens are happy and productive.

Ann Buell


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