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To conduct an experiment, scientists follow the scientific method, a series of five steps that help organize their progress: plan, hypothesize, research, experiment, and conclusion. Kara Fan’s journey began when one of her family members was given antibiotics for an infection.

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Reports say Joe Biden is considering Kamala Harris as his running mate if he should win the nomination. A look at the competition Harris faces and what she would add to Biden’s presidency. 

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Check in with your carrier at least twice a year to be sure you’re getting the best available deal on wireless service. Ask customer service reps to guide you. There is intense competition between carriers and they are always offering new, cheaper plans with more features, but you must opt-in to take advantage of them.

Historic festivals and cultural celebrations provide expansive experiences for travelers. Here are five to consider: ___ 1. Nyepi, Bali While many celebrate a New Year with fireworks and frivolity, the Balinese choose to cleanse the spirit, meditate and bask in silence on Nyepi, or Silent Day. On Nyepi Eve, observe local villagers as they play music, dance and parade colorful, hand-crafted ...

Corvallis High School’s fundraising competition Mr. and Ms. Spartan will host its pageant finale at 7 p.m. Saturday at the school’s theater, a…

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