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Maple Syrup

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This martini blends together the flavors of pecan pie with vodka and Irish cream liqueur. You really can have your dessert and eat (or drink) it too this holiday season.

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"Good balanced flavor, sweet, but not overly," wrote Tony, who ranked these high. "Hints of maple syrup? It is Canada after all." Natalie, though, ranked them low. "I know ketchup has a lot of sugar, but these are too sweet. They're also somehow simultaneously too bland? The texture wasn't as crunchy as I would like either."

Do you crack open a Miller Lite or a Budweiser after work? 5 To Know kicks off a legal beer battle! Plus, UVM's Duncan brothers, stolen maple syrup buckets, a naked museum goer, and #bestpartofbeingakidwas is trending on Twitter! Share your fondest childhood memories with Nat on Twitter: @nat_cardona !

Maple Pecan Chicken

The maple leaves in this quilt block are a fitting tribute to Milton Mehlberg, who has been producing maple syrup on this farm since 1951. (The farm has been in his family since 1872, when his great-grandfather Julius built a log cabin on the property.)

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Barb Lachenbruch and Everett Hansen live in Corvallis during the week, but they spend most of their weekends at their log cabin in the Coast Range.

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