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The plaintiffs contend the ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds violates their Second Amendment right to bear arms and right to due process.

I don’t know if Albany residents are aware of the fact that for the first time in many years, we have a candidate running for State Senate District 8 who is a longtime resident of Albany; in fact, she was born here in Albany, unlike her opponent. Her name is Valerie Draper Woldeit.

The economist Thomas Sowell sums up minimum wages perfectly: “The minimum wage law is very cleverly misnamed. The real minimum wage is zero. That is what many inexperienced and low-skilled people receive as a result of legislation that makes it illegal to pay them what they are currently worth to an employer.”

A Sept. 23 editorial complains about “analysis paralysis” and chides the city council for passing the buck to voters about the proposed mandatory energy audit before houses can be sold.

Sheriff Michelle Duncan has been serving Linn County since 1997, serving as a resident patrol deputy, narcotics detective, patrol sergeant, patrol captain and public information officer.

Upon reading about the September filing of an eminent domain against land family-owned for goodness knows how many generations ("Benton files eminent domain," Sept. 10):

This year voters have two choices for Linn County Sheriff — the current Sheriff, Michelle Duncan and Deputy Raymond. We need to carefully consider the role of sheriff and the qualifications of both candidates.

So is anyone following the Linn County Sheriff’s race? I would just like to make an observation and then ask you to Google the two candidates. Make a side-by-side comparison of Michelle Duncan (current sheriff) and Jon Raymond.

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