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I attended the remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki event on Thursday, Aug. 4, at Riverfront Commemorative Park in Corvallis, and it was both eye-opening and heartfelt.

In his July 22 letter “Think when you vote in elections,” Robert Harris blamed Republicans and the Supreme Court for the recent slaughter occurring in American towns.

Perhaps Mr. Harris (“Think when you vote in elections,” July 22) does not understand that firearms, regardless of configuration and caliber, have no human feelings.

Editor’s note: The Denver Post respects the wishes of Aurora theater shooting victims and their families that the assailant’s name not be repeated in news stories. In this article, his name is only mentioned in direct quotes by the author. Ten years ago, Dr. Lynne Fenton felt villainized after she was identified as the psychiatrist who treated the Aurora theater shooter in the months leading ...

With the latest spate of mass shootings, we must honestly face the fact that the Supreme Court, with its libertarian interpretation of the Second Amendment, and Republicans in Congress blocking any meaningful gun control legislation are responsible for the slaughter occurring in American towns and cities.

Thanks to the editors for picking Michael Paul Williams’ piece on solutions to gun violence (“U.S. gun violence knows no boundaries. Our solutions must cross divides,” July 13).

When I heard the Fourth of July fireworks this year, the glory they were supposed to mark instead marked the gunshots and gory mass murders this country sees on a regular and insane basis.

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