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It's time for the Oregon State football team to sweep away any remnants of the 2017 season.

One of the worst years in school history came to a crashing halt with a 69-10 Civil War loss at Oregon on Saturday.

Change is underway. An OSU spokesperson confirmed on Sunday that the Beavers' assistant coaches will not be retained.

Oregon State will honor all contracts with the coaches.

Interim coach Cory Hall is maintaining his role for the foreseeable future.

OSU had not made an announcement regarding the open head coach position as of Sunday afternoon.

OSU senior inside linebacker Manase Hungalu said the Beavers need a head coach to come in and take on a major leadership role.

"We need to have a head coach come in and be responsible for these guys and being (able) to just lead these guys out there," Hungalu said. "We need somebody to be able to lead us out there and demand stuff and demand out of all the other assistant coaches and demand perfection out of the players and we'll be fine."

The Beavers finished 1-11, with the lone win over FCS Portland State, and the Vikings wound up winless.

Gary Andersen bailed on the Beavers after a loss at USC and Hall took over for the final six games. The Beavers played with a burst of energy in narrow losses to Colorado and Stanford but gradually fell back into old habits.

Hungalu said everything began to fall apart midway through the season.

"There were players that were confused and they didn't know what to do now that coach A was gone," he said. "Coach A recruited a lot of these guys, all of them besides the senior class. And when you have somebody like that leave, it's pretty difficult for them to believe in what he said and being able to just stick together."

The low came in the record loss to Oregon. The Beavers could not stop the Ducks in the first half and Oregon rolled up a 52-7 halftime lead.

Oregon eased off in the second half and allowed the fans to savor the big win.

OSU safety David Morris said the blowout should provide a major driving factor for the returning players to improve.

"For us, it's like that's the biggest thing," Morris said. "Next year is a restart button. It's where we can start things over and really work to get wins and make it to a bowl game."

Hungalu was forthright after playing in his final game for OSU. He said the Beavers did not prepare properly for the Civil War as well as the second half of the season.

"A lot of guys, including me, walked into this game and expected a lot more than what we prepared for. We didn't have the best week last week, we didn't take it another level," Hungalu said. "After coach A left we didn't even do anything to change the system or the whole program to be able to flip the program. Coach Hall just kind of brought the energy and I like to believe we need more than that. There's a lot more than just having energy on the field. There's a lot of little details that need to happen."

OSU's next staff will have a relatively young but experienced roster to mold.

Hungalu said the Beavers could begin a turnaround sooner than later.

"With the amount of players that we have and the young talent that we have on this team, there's definitely a chance for this team to flip early," Hungalu said. "Obviously, we need a solid foundation, meaning the coaches. We need a solid program just to get this back on track with all this extra distractions going on. But I do definitely believe that this program is able to flip soon."


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