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The end of the regular season is nearly here and that means it won't be long before Oregon State names a football coach.

Cory Hall would like a shot at the job, but is at peace with whatever happens moving forward.

"I've tried not to focus on that," said Hall, who has served as the Beavers' interim coach for the past five games since Gary Andersen left the program. "Obviously, when it's brought to my attention you can't help, because I'm human, start to wonder, start to guess."

The Beavers have lost all five games with Hall guiding the team, but nearly pulled off wins at home against Colorado and Stanford.

Hall will lead OSU against Oregon in the Civil War game and then will wait for the word to come down from the administration.

"I'll always express that my goal is to be a head coach and whether that's now, whether it's later down the road, I have no time frame, I have no timetable," Hall said. "I understand that when I'm ready and it's my time, then I'll be ready and it will be my time."

There have been several names mentioned in connection with the opening, but dominoes could be falling soon.

California offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin has been considered as a top candidate, but now has also been brought up as a possible replacement for Jim Mora, who was fired Sunday at UCLA.

Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall said Monday that he's not interested in returning to OSU.

And there are rumors indicating the possibility of positions coming open at a number of other high-profile schools.

Clearly, the Beavers need to act quickly and most likely will do so in order to get a coach in place before the early signing date.

"It's something that is out there and the administration here, (OSU director of athletics) Scott Barnes and (OSU) President Ed Ray, they know what they're doing," Hall said. "And I have faith in the fact that they are going to make the best decision for these players, they're going to make the best decision for Oregon State, the alumni, for the donors, Beaver Nation. They're going to make the best decision for this entire program."

Before serving as the interim coach, Hall was the Beavers' cornerbacks coach.

He's been a head coach at the high school level, a grad assistant at Wisconsin and cornerbacks coach at Weber State. He also played in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons.

"This was a blessing," Hall said. "Think about how this happened, this wasn't something I was searching for. This was something that, in the interim, I was just kind of a student. Just being observant of what's going on, just observing things and saying this is what I want to take from this, this is what I want to keep (or) I don't want this.

"So it was more of just a student. And then being thrust in this position, it was like, OK, well, I've had this experience before in leadership, but I understand there are going to be things that are going to come my way that I will not have dealt with previously. So then that experience is really good to see those things so you know how to handle them and how to carry yourself within those incidents or events."

When Hall does land a spot as a head coach, he wants to put plenty of time and effort into the opportunity.

He said he has no interest in constantly looking to climb the ladder.

"I don't want to be a head coach just to be a head coach," he said. "If I'm a head coach, I want to be ready because I'm going to plan on being there for a long time. I'm committed to where I'm at, so if I'm a head coach in college, then I'm there. I'm not looking for the next thing. I remember (former Fresno State coach) Jim Sweeney used to always say that if you spend more time job searching or looking on the internet at who's doing what, then how much time can you really be spending on doing your job? So when that time comes, I want that to be home."

Hall is happy with the time he's spent at Oregon State and the chance to learn as a head coach.

He's not uneasy or anxious about the next step of his career.

"This has been a great experience and no matter what happens here, whatever my future holds, I'll walk away knowing that I gained something and I've experienced something that only a few have been able to experience," he said.

"And so what I take from this is I count my blessings and I am very blessed to wake up every day, very blessed to be able to come here and just be around a group of guys that love football, and that's the long and short of it."


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