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Oregon State University Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Barnes announced Tuesday that work will begin this summer on the remodel of the Beavers' P. Wayne Valley Sports Performance Center (SPC). The $3.5 million expansion is fully funded via private gifts.

"We are delighted to have received two generous gifts to make this project a reality," Barnes said. "One provided by a former Beaver football student-athlete and current business owner, the other by the family of two former Beaver football student-athletes." Both parties wish to remain anonymous.

The project includes all new equipment, a Gatorade fuel bar and other improvements that will enhance OSU's sports performance staff's ability to physically train the school's 500-plus student-athletes. One of the biggest benefactors will be the football team with the enhanced weight stations and other training areas.

"While this facility will continue to be home base for our teams' strength and conditioning needs, a larger focus is on what the football program requires to continue to grow," Barnes said. "A key component of our strategic plan is to invest in facilities so that we can compete at the highest level. The SPC was an area that we identified as a critical facility to enhance as it directly impacts our student-athlete experience and ultimately leads to better prepared young men and women for competing at a high level."

"The lifeblood of any football program is in the strength and conditioning program and facilities," OSU football coach Jonathan Smith said. "The SPC is a huge piece of our ability to recruit young men who will make a difference on the field and for our current team members to develop physically. Without question the improvements to the SPC provide an opportunity for our football program to make strides on the field."

In addition, the Valley Football Center is undergoing enhancements in its Hall of Fame front entrance area that includes new graphics to celebrate the accomplishments of Beaver football alumni and a stronger presence highlighting bowl victories. Part two of a four-phase VFC commitment will be completed this summer.

"This is another crucial area as it's literally the front door to our football program," Barnes said. "The additions will put an emphasis on highlighting some of the great young men, coaches, and teams of Oregon State's history. We are also actively seeking funding for continued VFC infrastructure improvements."

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