With Noah Togiai only able to play in five games last season and a young and inexperienced group, there wasn’t much production out of the tight end position last season for the Oregon State football team.

The Beavers had just 20 receptions by the tight ends for 208 yards and three touchdowns.

Those numbers should go up with Togiai, a redshirt senior, feeling the healthiest he has in quite some time and as strong as ever during his time at Oregon State.

“I just think he’s real confident right now and he again feels comfortable with the system and what we’re trying to do and we’ve implemented some concepts now that he’s 100 percent healthy that are featuring the tight end position in the pass game,” offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren said. “I think he’s been excited about that and him and (quarterback) Jake (Luton) seem to have a real good timing and so it’s been fun to watch him. But I think the biggest thing is just his confidence in the system and what we’re doing with him.”

In addition to Togiai being back and healthy, true sophomores Isaiah Smalls (8 catches, 118 yards) and Teagan Quitoriano (2-13) have a year under their belts after being thrown to the wolves early last season thanks to the injury to Togiai, and the retirement of Tuli Wily-Matagi a couple days into camp.

“They get it,” tight ends coach Brian Wozniak said. “They understand what we’re trying to do and they see the bigger picture a little bit. Early on those guys were … just trying to keep their head above water and now they can process a little bit quicker, it’s a little bit second nature to them. You’re seeing Teagan be able to impose his force a little bit. You’re seeing Smalls being able to be his crafty self in the route game because they are understanding the big picture.”

Luke Musgrave, a freshman from Bend, has also been impressive in training camp and could find his way onto the field this season.

Wozniak said Musgrave still has plenty of room to grow but is working hard each day and wants to learn.

“He’s going to make some plays,” Wozniak said. “He’s got the athleticism to do that, especially in the pass game.”

Lindgren said he likes the 6-foot-6, 236-pounder’s route running and ability to stretch the field in the pass game.

“He’s shown up in multiple practices of getting down the field and making a big catch for us in third-down situations, so really excited about him,” Lindgren said. “He just needs to continue to get a lot of reps and continue to get comfortable with what we’re doing.”

Wozniak said one thing he can take away from having to get youngsters up to speed early last year is to give them an opportunity to learn and grow in a positive environment.

“I think the big thing is and kind of with Luke is you just have to teach them as hard as you can and then also you’ve got to throw him in the fire a little bit, see how they do, see how they process it, see what mistakes they make and you’ve got to let them know, hey you’re going to make mistakes, you don’t know everything, but play fast and play hard and whatever happens we’ll be able to coach it off the film,” he said.

Togiai has also made sure to offer his advice and knowledge to the youngsters and enjoys taking time after practice to work with them.

“I know that feeling of being lost out there on the field and having the pressure of the coaches trying to make sure you know what you’re doing,” he said. “The most exciting part for me is to watch them improve every day. Seeing them mess up on one thing one day and us talking about it after and working on it after practice and the next day seeing them do what we worked on after practice.”

Togiai said the tight end group is as good as he has seen in his five seasons with the Beavers, and he’s thinks they can all make an impact in one way or another.

“I see a lot of different skillsets, I see a lot of different personalities, I see a lot of hard-working guys,” he said. “We’ve got a ton of talent in there that I’m excited to see out on the field this year. I think we can have five, six tight ends playing this year. That’s something I’m excited to see but something we have to work towards in camp.”

Lindgren said he likes the versatility of the group and how that will allow the Beavers to provide more and varied looks to their formations.

“Some of those guys can flex out, they don’t always have to be attached to the formation and that makes it fun for our offensive staff to be able to come up with some things that are going to give the defenses some issues,” he said.

While the Beavers could certainly use more production out of the position as a whole this season, Wozniak said first and foremost he wants his group to take care of its responsibility at the line of scrimmage in the run game and pass protection.

“Handle the front seven first and bide our time and go make plays when we’re asked to make plays in the pass game,” he said of his expectations. “I think it can be a really good group. We’re going to continue to build on it. We’re nowhere near where we want to be but I think it can be a fun group this year.”