There was one little area of Kaitlyn Yanish’s floor routine that had OSU gymnastics coach Tanya Chaplin worried.

Chaplin never frets about Yanish’s tumbling. She knows the Beavers’ anchor on the event rarely has a miscue with that skill.

No, Chaplin gets a bit nervous when Yanish’s leap is coming. So Chaplin was overjoyed when Yanish gracefully executed the move.

“I get more worried about her leap than anything, so I was really, really excited when she made her leap all the way around, because that makes the biggest difference in her routine there, because her tumbling’s spot on most of the time,” Chaplin said.

“Those little accomplishments make a big, big difference in scores.”

In this case, Yanish was rewarded with a 9.950 and the No. 12 Beavers took a 196.950-196.150 win against No. 14 California.

After a 9.750 and a 9.825 to start the season, Yanish has established herself as a top competitor on floor with scores of 9.900, 9.975, 9.900 and the 9.950.

“I felt like I was just doing what I usually do in the gym,” Yanish said of her routine. “I think it’s important to perform what you practice every day, so it was just another routine for me, but I could definitely feel that the crowd was really into it, my teammates were really into it. So it was just a lot of really good energy. I could hear everybody clapping. So overall it was super-fun to be doing it.”

The Beavers began with a 49.125 on vault with Madi Dagen and Yanish scoring 9.850s and Mary Jacobsen hitting for a 9.875.

The scores on bars were steady and solid. Jacobsen was second up and finished with a 9.825. Isis Lowery added a 9.850 and Mariana Colussi-Pelaez had a 9.875. Halli Briscoe and Sabrina Gill couldn’t quite build on that score, but they did finish with 9.825s, giving OSU a 49.200 for the event.

Beam was a high point for the Beavers. Madi Dagen gave the team a spark with a 9.875 and Gill matched it. Those scores set up Lacy Dagen and Maela Lazaro and they came through with 9.900s.

Chaplin said the Beavers have been strong on beam this season due to the competition for lineup spots.

“They have to deal with that pressure almost every day in the gym. They can’t really lighten up,” Chaplin said. “I think it’s actually been good to see how they’re focusing on that and taking that and not creating pressure from that situation but creating opportunities and looking at how far they can challenge themselves and push themselves that way. So we have that push on that event every single day and that’s making a difference as well.”

Lazaro was able to get back on track after a fall at Arizona on the event resulted in a 9.125. She has a high score of 9.925 and scored a 9.900 against UCLA.

“After a fall last meet I wouldn’t say my confidence lowered too much, but I was kind of not feeling like myself,” Lazaro said. “But this meet built my confidence back up. I just trusted my technique because that’s what was kind of lacking the past few weeks, but it just shows much how my technique really works, and I have to trust that in every single routine and just go back to my calm self.”

There was a rough moment in the meet for everyone on hand when Cal’s Toni-Ann Williams crashed to the mat during her anchor routine on floor.

She had to be carried out of the arena and later returned on crutches. Williams had been granted a fifth year of eligibility after tearing her Achilles in 2017.

“We get to do this, you never know when it can be taken away at a moment’s notice, and I think that really resonated today when that happened even though it was on another team,” Chaplin said. “It was good to see that they came back and tried to support the rest of the Cal team, because we’ve unfortunately been there in those moments when you’ve had someone go down.”

The 49.350 on beam got the Beavers in position for a possible 197 or better. The Beavers came close but had to count two 9.800s on floor. Madi Dagen scored a 9.850 and Isis Lowery a 9.875 on the event.

The Beavers take on Arizona State on Friday in Tempe. It’s an opportunity for the Beavers to bump up their Regional Qualifying Score with a good road score.

“We’re midway through the season and I think we’re doing an awesome job, but I also think we haven’t reached our full potential and we can always improve on each event, like the little things,” Lazaro said. “I think building is a good thing and not hitting our peak right now.”

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