The Oregon State racquetball team won their seventh straight team title at the USA Racquetball National Collegiate Championships this past week (March 10-15) at North Carolina State University.

The women’s team won their sixth straight national title while the men’s team finished second behind Colorado State-Pueblo.

Combining the scores of both teams gave OSU the combined team title.

All 12 players — six men and six women — achieved all-American status (semi-finals or better in all 18 events).

In the end, OSU had 11 national champions and three second-place finishers.

Rob Durbin won the coach of the year award for the second straight year, the first time that has happened. He also won the award in 2010.

OSU individual results

No. 1 Men’s Singles (3rd Place)

Adam Manilla (Colorado) defeated Joel Barshaw (OSU) 15-11, 15-14.

No. 2 Men’s Singles (3rd Place)

Thomas Carter (Baldwin Wallace, OH) defeated Rick Charbonneau (OSU) 15-12, 15-9.

No. 3 Men’s Singles Championship

Brad Schopieray (Colorado State-Pueblo) defeated Sam Reid (OSU) 15-10, 15-6.

No. 4 Men’s Singles Championship

Ryan Charbonneau (OSU) defeated Tyler Stone (CSU-Pueblo) 15-7, 15-7.

No. 5 Men’s Singles Championship

Micah Hoffman (OSU) defeated Fritz Simmon (University of Missouri) 15-13, 15-5.

No. 6 Men’s Singles Championship

Joey Pryor (OSU) defeated Mitch Kemlage (University of Missouri) 15-0, 15-6.

No. 1 Men’s Doubles (3rd Place)

Joel Barshaw/Sam Reid (OSU) defeated Danny Sardina/Zach Patterson (Arizona State) 15-8, 15-13.

No. 2 Men’s Doubles Championship

Nick Montalbano/Tyler Stone (CSU-Pueblo) defeated Rick & Ryan Charbonneau (OSU) 15-3, 15-11.

No. 3 Men’s Doubles Championship

Joey Pryor/Micah Hoffmann (OSU) defeated Fritz Simmon/Mitch Kemlage (Missouri) 15-7, 15-7.

No. 1 Women’s Singles Championship

Devon Pimentelli (Canada JC, CA) defeated Amanda Lindsay (OSU) 15-7, 15-5.

No. 2 Women’s Singles Championship

Karissa Beatty (OSU) defeated Rachel Schmidt (Missouri) 15-13, 15-11.

No. 3 Women’s Singles Championship

Rachel Creel (OSU) defeated Becky Spezia (Missouri) 15-2, 15-5.

No. 4 Women’s Singles Championship

Sarah Lewis (OSU) defeated Jordan Giljum (Missouri) 15-1, 15-12.

No. 5 Women’s Singles Championship

Erica Lipski (OSU) defeated Kimberley Brendel (Missouri) 15-3, 15-10.

No. 6 Women’s Singles Championship

Patricia Billette (OSU) defeated Christina Hughes (Missouri) 15-4, 15-9.

No. 1 Women’s Doubles Championship

Elizabeth Simmons/Lindsey Rasmussen (Arizona) defeated Amanda Lindsey/Karissa Beatty (OSU) 15-10, 15-11.

No. 2 Women’s Doubles Championship

Rachel Creel/Sarah Lewis (OSU) defeated Kamila Welling/Krista Yourstone (Penn State) 15-6, 15-8.

No. 3 Women’s Doubles Championship

Erica Lipski/Patricia Billette (OSU) defeated Kimberly Brendel/Christina Hughes (Missouri) 15-7, 15-2.

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