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The 2018 midterm elections were widely expected to be a “blue wave,” with backlash against a controversial Republican president sweeping Democ…

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MONROE – An attempt to pass several vehicles at once ended in a two-car collision just north of Monroe on Monday.


Oregon State University officials are warning of a bomb threat and asking for the community’s help in identifying the person who made it.

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BennettHall commented on Opinions split on timber lawsuit

My count was 23, 21 and 1.

BennettHall commented on Complaint filed against jail opponent


If you'll read the story carefully, you'll see that I did just that. Grappo's expenditures did not appear on the Orestar website until Tuesday night -- after the election complaint was filed and after I asked him about it. At that point, Grappo checked the website again and reali…

Sorry! That was a poor choice of words. lobo is exactly right: I was referring to temperature, as indicated by the mercury level in a thermometer. But given the subject matter of this particular story, I should have said that more directly. To be crystal clear: The taste and odor issue af…

BennettHall commented on Sides square off in GMO fight

We actually published photos of both "Yes" and "No" signs, both in print and online (see the top of this web page). Our website can only feature one photo at a time. The reason we didn't include a photo of the forum is because it hadn't happened as of presstime; we were t…

BennettHall commented on OSU students protest cost of higher ed

My bad, Alex! I had a brain spasm typing that quote. I think I got it fixed in time for the print edition. We'll all find out tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.

BennettHall commented on Hey, Bud: This spoof’s for you

The photo with this story is a screen capture from the video; it's not a live link. If you want to see the Hopstories parody ad, click on the link near the top of the story. (There's also a link to the Budweiser ad that Hopstories is spoofing, in case you haven't seen that enough times on TV…

This is Canda Fuqua's last story for the Gazette-Times. She's leaving to take another job. Thanks for making the G-T a better newspaper, Canda. We'll miss you.

My apologies for getting the date wrong initially. This event is, in fact, at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night. The online version is now correct, and we'll have a correction in Wednesday's print edition. Sorry!

BennettHall commented on County restricts sales, use of e-cigs

Actually, the ordinance bans the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. I got that wrong in the print version of this article as well as the original online version, where I wrote that the minimum age was 21 (the mistake has now been corrected online). My apologies for the confusion.

The story was inadvertently double-posted. One version has now been removed. Thanks for pointing it out.