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The meeting is tonight (Monday night). And sorry for the late reply.

I should have made clear that I was referring to the taco culture in Oregon, which was very undeveloped and extremely lacking in most areas until recently. Unless you were in Hermiston, Ontario, Woodburn or some other locales, street tacos really were frowned upon here. Seriously, you wouldn…

We'll certainly be doing following this facility in the future, and we can try to add those elements into our next story. This is from a previous article... "Second and third-generation 8-inch logs will be used to manufacture veneers, which are compressed together to make the panels.&qu…

Kyle Odegard commented on Letter: It's imperative to remove Trump

Actually, it's because of foul language. The GT doesn't allow profanity, popular acronyms involving profanity or obvious profanity with letters replaced by other symbols.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this typo. The story has been corrected.

You get an A for reading comprehension today! (We've fixed the error.)

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