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MikeMcInally commented on Uncovering memories

The G-T has written two stories about this incident; in fact, it was almost certainly the G-T's coverage that tipped off KEZI about this incident in the first place. Here's a link to the initial story:


Scott, these are good comments -- in a better world, I would have had more time to chase down the academy's actual recommendations. Let me do this: Let me check with local pediatricians and see what they have to say about the issue of screen time and how it might inform the continuing debate…

Thanks for the comment. I plead guilty on both counts, but I throw myself on the mercy of the court for this reason: Journalists of a certain age (I'm 56) were trained to write very short paragraphs for this simple reason: It increases the amount of white space on a newsprint page and makes …

MikeMcInally commented on Hearing Monday in G-T land use appeal

For the record, the G-T's plan always has been to seek smaller office space, preferably downtown, in Corvallis. The problem is that we don't know if we'll be moving next month, next year -- or never. The picture will be clearer after the City Council acts. And, again for the record, there ha…

MikeMcInally commented on Police Log (Nov. 13)

Well, OK, "evil monster" -- that, I've been called before.

But you're wrong on an important legal distinction about libel: Any published statement that tends to damage someone's reputation is libelous. But truth, to the extent it can be legally proven, is a defense against l…

MikeMcInally commented on Police Log (Nov. 13)

Well, this is the first time I've ever been called an evangelical Christian. The fact is that I'm a member of the First Congregational Church in Corvallis and, before that, was a member of the University Congregational Church in Missoula. Both are United Church of Christ congregations; judge…

That's weird about the comments -- I'll try to see if I can figure out what's going on. As for the outdoor cat, I don't think he's much of a risk to learn how to read, but he sure does like to go outside.

Reloading the same article, even if fresh comments have been added, should not count against the meter -- but I'll double-check to be sure. Thanks for the comment.

That's correct: None of the material in the "From the Wire" section will count against the meter.

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