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Steve Gress

Copy desk editor


Sports editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times and Albany Democrat-Herald

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I am not assuming he did what was accused, I have no idea in this case. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my statement of it being gray in a black and white world these days.

Hi Fred,
On a night when the men's and women's teams both played, the men have the biggest following so they got top billing.

If you are concerned about our coverage, I ask that you look back at all of the stories I wrote last year throughout the women's basketball season and thr…

There is no news to update because she is day to day. I anticipate her to be back pretty soon. In the meantime, the experience that Katie McWilliams has gotten will only make this team stronger. I think they showed a lot Sunday night in the comeback win over Stanford. The important thing is …

Hey Badwater, sorry about that, was compiling a lot of things yesterday on a solo shift and messed that up. Hate when that happens. Happy Holidays.


Baseball is a game of close plays. Many through the course of the season are similar to that play where runners are called out at second even if the player isn't directly on the bag. And let's not start with ball and strike calls.



Sorry if that offended you or anyone else, that was not the intent. The "Who dat" term is well known to be associated with the New Orleans Saints and we were trying to play off that with a catchy headline.


Not going to happen because fans want to watch and TV pays lots of money because fans want to watch.

What do you mean about the reporting? He signed contract extensions and we reported as such. What questions do you want asked? Why he got extensions? That is what happens in college sports. De Carolis was asked about the one in 2012 and it came after the Beavers won 21 games that season. If …

Truth is,

Robinson signed an initial six-year deal when hired in 2008 that would last until 2014. In 2010, he was awarded a two-year contract extension to the end of the 2016. In 2012, he was awarded a one-year extension to 2017.


Here is an update.

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